Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks :

1:1 private self development coaching for women coming into their own.
Identity & destiny + gifts & blocks

Top Tier
6-month process
1:1 private coaching and mentoring minimum 20 sessions
full access to me + phone calls + msgs etc,
session notes
weekly focus
access to teachings
reading and feedback on copy + messaging + video teaching etc.
more flexibility to call times
$4400.00 (AUD)

Identity, Destiny, Gifts & Blocks : 3 months

1:1 private self-development coaching for women.
Direction & Execution

3 - month process
weekly 1:1 private coaching and mentoring
in person or zoom
calls to Maree as needed

session notes
session transcript
weekly focus

introduction to foundation self coaching therapy curriculum
reading and feedback as required,

Sexy Magic Intention Setting : 12 Month PACKAGE

Sexy Magic Intentions Setting is a private 1:1 coaching, teaching and accountability framework for women who want to be very confident and intentional about what they are going to achieve in the year to come.

Intentions are the spirit and soul of goals; they are your path to your destination. Your goals matter; what you want to create in this life matters.

Don't set goals you'll forget by March, don't overcomplicate the process so you go down rabbit holes, and definitely don't slide into the year without a vision for where you are headed. And don't go at it alone.

Learn how to work with your unconscious mind and how to transition from unintentional thinking to an intentional thinking process.

Let me help you shape your vision. Let me show you the layers you need to build around what you want to create so that taking action becomes instinctual and easy. Stay focused.

Don't dilute your ideas because you've unconsciously allowed your mind to wander. It's very easy to let yourself off the hook when it comes to doing what you say you are going to do for yourself. I will help you keep your goal front and centre. Accountability.

When things get sticky and tricky, and you feel like giving up ( which you will) I will coach you through these blocks. You will have recurring quitting patterns and behaviours in place - I will coach you through them, and not only will you overcome them in this work, but you will be able to repeat the process over and over again for years to come. Coaching

My intention is to serve you and for this process to be the most engaging and supportive self-developmental process you have done. My intention for you is to have a sexy, life-changing, and transformational experience working with me, creating results. How fun is that?

Let's begin, shall we?